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My husband Jason and I hired Gina to set-up, create, and manage our social media business pages when we first took over our business from our partner in 2017. It was finally all ours, and we needed someone with immense small business knowledge and marketing savvy to help us make it our own with figuring out how to use our fingerprint in branding. She was the one! Her expertise and patience in helping us learn has been wonderful. She’s ready for the opportunity to help a business in any way she possibly can. She has a sound voice in the community and is well respected. She is a woman of God and her words and actions are those of integrity, that alone was enough. Gina is a trusted treasure. We’ve been blessed by her service every time.

Ashley & Jason Layne

Owner, Tyler Trophy

Relevance Marketing has provided excellent marketing advice and marketing products that are consistent with our brand.  They are accurate and have a quick turn-around time with marketing materials.

Dr. Ashley Hogue

Owner, Premier Veterinary Hospital

I began working in the field of Professional Organizing with Gina in 2009.  She was always my favorite to work with because of her attention to the smallest detail.  The organizing mantra is “get it naked (the room or closet), sort, purge, contain and organize for maximum accessibility (and beauty)”.  Gina never misses a step as she understands that what makes a beautiful finished project is all the tiny steps that need to be taken to get there.

Gina Jones

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